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When I Googled my new favorite pizza joint to place an order today, one of the sites that came up with a reference to this business was Yelp. Curious, I started reading through people?s comments about the pizza and the service. Several people commented that the business was stingy with coupons, allowing customers to use them on carry-out but not when dining in. As I read through the comments, I kept looking for some response from the business to both the negative and positive comments. Their lack of response is not uncommon, but I think it is a missed opportunity for a business to get feedback from their customers and take into consideration those comments as possible ways to improve themselves.

Googling your business name is a quick and easy way to see what people are saying about your organization. When I did a little research on my pizza place, I found comments on GrubHub and AllMenus, both positive and negative. Again, no responses online – more missed opportunities.
If you?ve got a business today, you need to be tuned in to the conversations online. In addition to simply researching your own company name, you can monitor and participate in forums related to your business. Be advised that you are not there to sell. You?re participating in a community of individuals who are interested in a specific topic. You are there to share your expertise.

Through a Gmail account, you can set up Google Alerts to monitor the web for a specific term, in this case, your company name, or maybe even that of a competitor. In Gmail, go to the Create an Alert box and enter the search term (your company name) that you want to get email alerts for. This is another tool in your social media kit to stay on top of the buzz around your company.

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