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Today we look at how the insurance industry is engaging in social media.

Insurance companies and their agents use social media in its various platforms to build brand recognition and develop customer relationships. They share information, thereby positioning themselves as experts in the insurance industry. They also use social media to respond to customer complaints. Here are some examples:

  • American Family Insurance has a YouTube channel where it feature videos on what you typically might expect – insurance tips and the products they sell – but also videos related to creating your dream home. This approach works because they will assert they are in the business of protecting that dream home should something go wrong.
  • New York Life started a #keepgoodgoing campaign on Twitter in 2012 that is still going strong today. Their goal was to “celebrate the good in people’s lives”. This campaign builds community, customer relationships, and adds a more interesting human side to the insurance business.
  • By monitoring what people said about their company on Twitter, ICICI Prudential Life insurance was in a position to respond to a tweet from an upset customer who wrote about them as an “incompetent insurance company”. They tweeted the customer, asking her what they could help her with and promising to have someone contact her if she would DM her policy and contact information to them.
  • Erie Insurance Group followed up on a claim for a damaged tractor due to the wrong fuel being put in it. The company has a policy against covering any damage arising from participation in tractor pulls. They found footage on Facebook and YouTube showing that this particular vehicle indeed had been in a tractor pull, which in reality had caused the damage.
  • MetLife’s has a goal to respond to a customer complaint via social media within two hours.

Today more and more people continue to use the internet rather than pick up the phone and call an agent for their insurance needs. Insurance agencies looking to go where their customers are need to build a social media presence. Consistently offering good content and finding ways to engage with customers are key to a successful social media marketing campaign in this industry.

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