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Today’s tip: Tune in to and identify the trends.

What is now happening in your industry and/or the world? You know these trends affect your business. Incorporating them into your social media strategy will position you as an expert, as someone who is aware of what the current issues and interests of consumers as they relate to your business.

What do you do with this information? You can write about a topic in a blog, tweet about it on Twitter, and  write a post on your Facebook page. Some topics may lend themselves easily to photos and graphics, which you can post on Instagram and Snapchat. These examples relate primarily to consumers. You can also choose topics to share with others in your industry and post on or participate in discussions on LinkedIn.

Sample topics that people are talking about today:

Insurance providers: Obamacare, open enrollment

Restaurant owners: “Clean” menus, vegetarian and vegan options, high-speed food delivery

Health club: Fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, bodyweight training, wellness tourism, alternative motion machines

There are a number of trends in social media and technology that a variety of industries can tap into. These include the lifestyle network effect, streaming natives, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sensing homes, personalized commuting services, emergency chat, internables, everything gets hacked, and netizen journalists.

Stay up-to-date with current trends and use them appropriately in your social media strategy and your business will remain relevant to your prospects and customers.

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