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Today’s tip: Create a social media content strategy

We touched on this in Tip #4, but today we’ll talk a little more specifically on how to use the various social media channels.

Facebook – We’ll assume you are operating a Facebook page for your business outside of your personal page. Your business page should feature posts that are more professional in nature than you see on the personal side. By all means show off your company’s personality. Just make sure your posts align with the culture of your organization.

Twitter: You can use Twitter with several goals in mind. You can use it to network by following others on Twitter and responding to their tweets. Market your business by announcing special promotions, events, or promoting your other social media. channels. Run contests, giveaways, and polls to increase engagement.

LinkedIn: This channel is for your professional networking. Here’s where you can show off your expertise. Join pertinent communities and participate in them. Make connections with people you can help as well as those who can help you, creating your own business community.

Blog: The one thing you do not want to do on your blog is sell. This will quickly turn off your readers. You can inform readers of industry trends. Review products and services that relate to your business. Share customer success stories. Report on industry events. Explain the how to of something related to your products or services. Entertain your readers with a funny story about your business, its products, or services.

YouTube: You can take some of the same ideas from your blog and turn them into videos. Demonstrate how to do something.  You can also share your story, give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your company, or conduct interviews with industry experts.

These are just starter tips for the various social media channels. Social media marketing is a process of trial and error. Experiment to see what readers and viewers respond to and let their feedback help you adjust your strategy.

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