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Today’s tip: Make your marketing efforts more focused.

Once you have determined which social media channels you will participate in, it’s time to start creating content that speaks to your customers. This won’t be like your personal Facebook page where you post whenever you’re feeling inspired, in a sharing mood, or in reaction to another’s post. You’re going to want to spend some time planning a content marketing strategy.

Here’s what needs to be included in that strategy:

1) Goals or mission – Determine what you are trying to achieve through the use of social media. An increase in revenues? Increase in conversion rates? Higher percent of engagement with your customers? What the goal should not be: Number of Likes in Facebook or Followers on Twitter or anything similar to this.

2) Target audience – We talked about this in Tip #3. There are statistics out there so you can see where your buyers are spending their time online. However, first you need to define who your buyer is. On what channels do your customers or prospects hang out?

3) Types of content – Are you going to blog? Podcast? Produce videos? As you gain experience, you can think about turning a series of blogs into an e-book, or host your own YouTube channel.

4) Content management – Decide how you will keep track of your content. This includes creation, publication, and analytics. Who will be responsible for what content? Will your content be text only, audio, video? How often and when will you publish on which platform? Which analytics will you use to track the success of your strategy?

Review your analytics regularly to see what is working and what isn’t. Make adjustments to your strategy, This process will be a work in progress as you continue to provide new content and maintain your online presence.

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