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This is a post about delivering value to a customer even when it’s at a direct cost without any direct compensation to the company.

I have a light remodel project going on in my basement at home. On multiple occasions, we carried out torn-out drywall to the trash cans at the end of the driveway for the next day?s garbage pickup. Somehow nails went astray and landed on the drive. I started seeing symptoms of this a couple of months back, but didn’t realize what had happened until this week.

I’ve been driving around with a slow leak in my front tire and put off checking into getting repaired. I kind of dread sitting around an auto repair facility waiting repairs, hence the procrastination. More recently, my daughter?s car started seeing this very same symptom, except at a more rapid pace.

I realized that I needed to take action, promptly! I wanted to avoid that call from her that said, “I have a flat tire. What do I do??

I called the Discount Tire store in Bloomingdale, IL. I told them I had two tires with slow leaks, that one nail was still in the tire and the other I removed. I asked what the expected repair time was. The employee answered, “We can take care of that right away.? I then asked for a ballpark estimate for the repairs so my daughter would know what to expect when she brought in her car. I was expecting it to be in the range of $50-$75. The repair guy responded, ?There?s no charge.? I said, “But I didn’t get the tires from you.? He said they repair all tires for free, regardless of where you purchased.

I was totally floored by this. This extreme act of value provides a good lesson for those of us trying to get or keep business. We don’t always have to do the best SEO, email campaigns, clever direct mail, or purchase-related discounting to help generate more business or leads. I know where I’ll be going for my next set of tires.

Now I ask myself what can I do to impart an extreme act of value?

This is what I’ve come up with for starters.

For all those who email me, I will provide a free competitive pay-per-click keyword report for any given domain. This is a complete history of keywords, costs, clicks and so on. This is more comprehensive and easier than what you get from Ad Words.

If you want to see what a competitor is doing, why they rank and you don’t, this report will show you.

Just email me your contact info and the domain name you’d like analysis on. I’ll send it to you whether we’ve done business with each other or not.

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