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Respond to Your Auto Repair Shop Review

All reviews offer feedback, including negative reviews. Don’t ignore negative reviews because you they make feel defensive, you think the customer is overreacting, or you don’t believe your shop did anything wrong. Answer them all. Don’t let your customer make a mountain out of a molehill. The eyes of many other potential customers are watching, and if they see you are unresponsive to these online reviews, they’re going to assume that you will ignore their concerns and issues as well.

Apologize on Behalf of Your Auto Repair Shop

Whether you believe the customer is right or wrong in their comments, their experience of your shop is never wrong. Apologize that their experience with you was unsatisfactory. Tell them that you strive to offer excellent service to your customers, or that you pride yourselves on getting the job done right. Be sincere and keep a neutral tone of voice in your online response.

Offer a Solution

If you have made a mistake, offer to fix it, free of charge if possible. If the problem is something else and something they can fix themselves, give some instructions on how to remedy. Maybe this is something like resetting a computer in the car. The response below contains what could be interpreted as a some attitude in the apology, but clearly the customer gave the shop another chance and sounds like everything went well on this visit.

Take the Conversation Offline

For comments that are heated or an issue that is more complex than can be addressed online, ask the reviewer for their contact information. The most effective means would be via phone, as emails and text messages can be misinterpreted. You can also hear a lot in a person’s voice when you talk to them on the phone or in person, and your voice can help calm your customer.

Online negative reviews give auto repair shops an opportunity to fix and strengthen customer relationships. A disgruntled customer could end up becoming your biggest advocate when they feel you care about them and their business.