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In the not-so-olden-days, press releases were communications between organizations and the media. A company would submit a press release and hope that it would attract the attention of a journalist. The media would filter the information it determined would be released to the public. The term itself – press release – implies the necessity of the media as intermediaries.

The web has dramatically changed the nature of press releases. Today organizations can skip the middleman and communicate directly – and easily – with the consumer. And rather than just reach a limited number of reporters, companies can now reach potentially millions of people with internet access. Today’s direct-to-consumer press releases are more accurately termed news releases.

With a focus on the end user, here are some tips to make your news releases more effective:
1) Report on news that speaks to your buyers and potential buyers. You don’t have to wait for the big news to occur. If it is important and timely to buyer, include it in your release.
2) Add keywords and phrases that are relevant to your buyers.
3) Incorporate offers to promote purchases.
4) Include links to drive consumers to your website, blog, videos, Twitter, Facebook page, podcasts, and videos.
5) Add social media tags for easy search engine finding.

Integrate news releases into your marketing strategy using these five tips and reach more buyers via the web.

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