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Since we’re in the midst of the summer travel season, let’s take a look at how artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role in customizing the travel experience and what that might look in the future.

In the beginning, there were human travel agents. If you were looking to book a flight and accommodations and include some attractions, this was the way to go. The travel agent did all the work, presented you with options, and the choice was yours. Your travel agent got to know you and your preferences, and suggested travel options based on what he or she knew about your likes and dislikes.

Enter the automated sites like Expedia and Travelocity. Now travel became a self-serve kiosk. You create a search based on the parameters offered on the website and get a semi-custom list of flights or hotels or car rentals. You could narrow your search by distance to a specific location or by price or even by guest rating. Sometimes the search could be cumbersome, but there seemed to be an option that fit at least most of your criteria.

The future promises to bring a more personalized automation. Instead of creating a search based on the criteria provided for by the travel site, artificial intelligence will be able to make the process more personalized, thus making it easier, faster, and more satisfying for the customer. For example, based on searches you have made in the past, AI will know that you are traveling with small children or that you always stay in hotels in a specific price range. Rather than have the search display numerous and sometimes irrelevant options approach, this technology will be able to suggest hotels, transportation, and attractions to you based on your previous searches. It’s like getting a personalized travel agent who can help you make decisions faster and put more fun back into the planning. Your own personal travel agent will become more efficient the more you interact online with travel websites. Artificial intelligence connects the dots between your online actions in a way that would make it even difficult for a human.

Vacations are treasured times, and AI will play a part in helping set the stage for you to be able to make memories to last a lifetime.

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